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  • 31 years old


Professional Status

Open to opportunities

About Me

Obsessed with finding a better way, solution-focused, and never problem-oriented. Always grateful and never satisfied.


Ground School

Quicken Loans
May 2013 to January 2014
Short description

Ground School's focus is on Personal Leadership. The program introduces Team Leaders to the necessary Leadership skills defined by multiple successful organizations.

Focus Areas: 8 Leadership Skills, Personality Styles, Coaching Foundations, Self-Leadership, Presence, 1-on-1 Interactions, Providing Feedback, Virtual Communication, Leadership Mindset, Diversity, Situational Role-play, Experiential Training

Details and Extracurriculars
  • 8 Leadership Skills
  • Self Leadership
  • Personality Styles
  • Presence
  • Presentation Techniques I
  • PowerPoint Basics
  • Diversity
  • ISMs
  • Leadership Mindset: Focus and Motivation
  • Leadership Mindset: How to Change and Grow
  • Experiential Training
  • Communication Workshop
  • Coaching Foundations
  • Coaching Role Play Workshop
  • Presentation Techniques II
  • Leadership Interviews
  • Knowledge Assessment

Statistics, Political Science

Grand Valley State University
September 2006 to August 2009
Short description

B.S. Statistics, Political Science

Details and Extracurriculars
  • Calculus I
  • Concepts of Management
  • Applied Statistics I
  • Computer Programming I
  • Public Relations: Communication Theory
  • Computer Programming II
  • Discrete Structures: Linear Algebra
  • Programming Applied Statistics
  • Mathematics of Elections and Voting Behaviors
  • Advanced Survey Sampling
  • Quantitative Analysis and Statistics
  • American Constitutional Law Analysis I
  • Mass Media & American Public Policy Analysis
  • Analyzing Professional Communication
  • Elections and Voting Behavior Analysis
  • Public Policy and Social Research
  • Quantitative Analysis of Politics in America
  • Design of Experiments (Statistics)
  • Nonparametric Statistics
  • Business Analysis of International Relations
  • American Constitutional Law Analysis II
  • Analyzing Specialized Readings in Public Policy and Social Research
  • Internship: Quantitative Analysis

High School

Valley Lutheran High School
September 2002 to June 2006
Short description

Saginaw, MI